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Financials are accessible in real-time for the board and officers to see.  Expenses are tightly controlled, but without cutting corners or sacraficing quality.  Budgets are prepared thoughtfully and followed dilligently.  Utilities are monitored, and conservation plans are implemented.  Improvements projects are planned and managed.  The list goes on...

Below you will find a list of the typical services that are included with Silversides turn-key HOA management.  These services are tailored to the individual needs of your unique HOA. 

·   Overall Asset Management & Cost Control

·   Reserve analysis and remaining useful life studies to generate adequate reserves

·   Annual & monthly budgeting

·   Cost / benefit analysis of ongoing services and proposed investments

·   Group pricing discounts negotiated leveraging our entire portfolio

·   Energy conservation analysis and tracking

·   Repair diagnostics and analysis of various approaches before simply bidding jobs

·   Regular cost audits to optimize value of money spent

·   Recommendations to board and officers regarding spending


 Risk Management

·   HOA Insurance needs assessment, bidding and placement:  E&O, Liability, Property, Umbrella

·   Contractors:  Workers Comp, Liability, Auto, etc.



·   Monthly financial reporting reconciled to cash accounts

·   Collection of dues

·   Payment of invoices

·   Audits

·   Taxes and filings

·   Collection of delinquent dues

·   Late notices

·   On-line payments or automatic bank account debits

·   On-line, real-time, accounting system accessible to board and officers


Reserve Management

·   Administrative

·   Owner records

·   Corporation records

·   Notices and letters

·   Violation notices and tracking

·   Management reports

·   Board and HOA Meeting preparation, promotion and attendance

·   Board guidance and recommendations

·   Owner guidance and recommendations

·   Owner interface

·   Contract scope of work definition, negotiating, contractor selection, work supervision and payment management



·   Employees are Silverside staff, not association employees

·   Hiring, firing, recruiting

·   All HR functions handled by Silverside



·   24/7 response

·   Work order tracking from call to completion follow-up

·   Record keeping of work orders and associated costs

·   Supervision of contractors

·   Definition of repair responsibilities between HOA and Owners, broken down by each building/property component.


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