About Us

Silverside Management LLC was founded in 2007 by Joseph Brophy as he saw a need for high performing fee based management services in the local market.

Joseph has over 15 years experience managing & repositioning multifamily investments in California and Michigan. Armed with an Electrical Engineering degree from Michigan State University and a Masters in Business Administration from U.C. Berkeley, Joseph brings technology and management experience along with formal education to lead the Silverside team.

Silverside has grown to a professional team of nearly 50 direct employees and hundreds of contractors in 2013, creating a wealth of expertise in multifamily management that's leveraged across every property. Silverside's most valuable asset is it's people. As a result, much effort is spent to enable learning and advancement of individual team members.

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Our Philosophy

Silverside Management brings basic business fundamentals back to the multifamily business. As a guiding light for our business, resident satisfaction is top priority. When residents are delivered the lifestyle they desire, in a friendly, thankful environment, they pay, they stay and they refer. As a results, property owners and managers benefit with resident stability and an operation that is easier to run.

In order to manage resident satisfaction, property staff is armed with useful technology to minimize response time and drive accountability. Owners are armed with vital real-time property information to ensure that everyone is doing their best.


EPA Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs

Silverside Management LLC is a licensed broker in the State of Michigan and carries Errors & Omissions insurance. Additionally, Silverside is an EPA Lead Renovator Firm. See below for a copy of our broker license.

Our staff members possess a wide variety of qualifications including degrees in accounting engineering, LITCH management & business administration.

Click Here to see some of the projects that have built our experience

Working with Silverside

Individual people make up the team we call Silverside, and the team provides our services. The happier our team members, the better we perform as an overall team. Understanding this, we strive to attract and retain the best talent in the industry. This is accomplished by offering challenging, yet rewarding opportunities and enabling team members with the proper training. All ideas are welcome, and we strive to let no idea go unheard.

Silverside offers compensation packages that are competitive within the market and incentive pay for high performance. We welcome new ideas and differing opinions.

If you would like to join a team that "Get's It Done", Silverside could be the place for YOU!

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