Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of move in specials do you offer?

    Many of the properties are able to offer security deposit financing in order to lower your move in costs. We also often offer seasonal and spot leasing specials. Just call the property of interest to see what’s currently being offered.
  • How do I pay rent online?

    Contact your property manager or and provide your full name, property address and apartment number. You will be set up with an online account invitation to your email address. Once you login to your online account, you will be able to pay with your checking account or credit card. You will also have the ability to pay in person at a local CVS or 7-11 via Retail Pay.
  • How to pay rent at CVS or 7-11?

    Once you have an online account, you can login and get your retail pay bar code. Or you can contact your property manager to send you the barcode via text message or print out. Using this barcode, you can pay your rent at the checkout counter with cash at any CVS or 7-11.
  • How to report an after hours emergency?

    Call (313) 662-7558. Please only call in true emergencies such as lockouts, fires, floods, or other urgent health safety situations. Please save non-urgent business for the regular office hours.
  • How to mail in a rent payment?

    If necessary you can always mail your rent check to: Silverside Management PO Box 250633, West Bloomfield, MI 48325. Please be sure to indicate your full name and apartment address on the check / money order memo line.
  • What is your pet policy? What can I do if I want to get a pet?

    The pet policy varies per property. Always contact your property manager before getting a pet. If pets are allowed at your property, we will require you to sign a PET addendum and pay additional pet related fees. It’s important that you do not bring home a pet without first signing a pet addendum, due to certain insurance restrictions and property policies.
  • What is our collections policy?

    Rent is due on the 1st, late after the 5th day of the month. After the 5th day of the month, you will be sent a 7 day notice which is the start of the legal process. Additionally, you will be charged a late fee (amount varies per property) after the 5th. When you pay your balance, the 7 day notice is nullified. If you have difficulty paying in a timely manner, please always contact your manager and let them know when you can pay and how much. We will always listen with empathy and try to work with you. However, it’s a Silverside company policy to utilize the landlord tenant courts as insurance that balances are paid or possession is returned.
  • My roomate has moved out, what should I do?

    You should contact your manager to review your options. Generally speaking: If two people are named on a lease, both of these people are responsible to ensure the terms and obligations of the lease are fulfilled. If you can financially qualify for the lease on your own, we can likely write a new lease agreement solely under your name, as long as your account is in good standing.
  • I would like to add a roommate, what should I do?

    All adults living in an apartment should be named on the lease and should pass a background check. Please contact your manager to help if you wish to add a roommate.
  • I am planning to move at the end of my lease, what should I do?

    You should simply email your property manager at least 30 days in advance of your move out date. When you do move out, you will need to provide your forwarding address and leave us possession of the apartment in the condition that you received it. We will assess the apartment condition, your rental account balance and forward on your security deposit less any damages or unpaid balances within 30 days of your move out. If you are have questions, please email or call the main number.
  • How should I handle my utilities when moving out?

    Be sure to call and close your utility accounts as of your move out date.
  • How should I place a maintenance request?

    A. Ideally, place a maintenance request through your resident portal. Secondarily you can call your properties office and place a maintenance request verbally
  • What can I do if I am not satisfied with the maintenance service or responsiveness of the property staff?

    Call the main office number or email and let our staff know what is happening. We strive to provide great service to you and will do our best to work through all issues to your satisfaction.
  • I have run into financial difficulty and may be late paying rent, what should I do?

    Contact your property manager and make a payment plan. We will work with you as much as possible but please understand that if your balance is significant, we will also back up payment plans with a judgement from landlord tenant court. This way we can ensure the balance is paid and/or possession is returned.
  • How can I make an anonymous complaint about illicit activity at my property?

    We welcome and appreciate this type of information! You can submit an anonymous complaint/suggestion in the suggestion box here: Simply use the word “Anon” for your name… But remember to indicate the property and provide as much information as possible so that we can work to address the problem.