How to Apply

We are here to help you work through the leasing process.  Once you have all of the required documentation ready, the process will move quickly.

We are able to turn around approvals as soon as the same day.

Steps to Apply:

  1. CONTACT AGENT and IDENTIFY APARTMENT TO APPLY: Contact a leasing agent at the property of interest.  They will help you identify the best community and apartment to apply, and guide you through the process. Once you find the property or listing you like, call or email the property phone number. If you are waiting for a call back, you can continue on to the next step.


    1. Government Issued ID (front and back)

    2. 3 most recent PayStubs (complete pay stub)

    3. 2 most recent Bank Statements (complete bank statement).  We will work with you if you have an app based bank account.

    4. Your current Tenant Ledger showing previous 12 months rental payment history

    5. Copy of most recent utility bill from your current address

  3. COMPLETE APP & PAY APP FEE ONLINE: Complete rental application online.  To do so, select the vacancy you wish to apply for by clicking the “Apply Now” button on the listing of interest:
    It's best to upload all of the required documents to the application as you complete the application.  Otherwise, supplemental documents will need to be sent to the leasing agent to manually attach to your online application.  You will be able to take photos of needed documents and upload them from your phone.  

  4. APPROVAL: Approval typically takes 1 business day, after we have received all of the required items.  Most delays in processing are a result of incomplete documentation of bank accounts, pay stubs or tenant ledger.

  5. ESTABLISH MOVE IN DATE and PAY DEPOSIT:  Once approved, the leasing agent will work with you to establish a move-in date.  To secure your unit for up to 14 days, you can pay a holding deposit.  

  6. SIGN LEASE & PAY BALANCE OF MOVE-IN COSTS: Sign lease and pay move in costs in full with certified funds or online.  If paying move-in costs online, funds must season (you must wait) at least 7 working days before possession can be granted.  Paying with certified funds speeds up this step of the process.

  7. PROVIDE RENTERS INSURANCE & UTILITY CONFIRMATION:  Once you have provided all of the “Required Lease Items”, you will be given possession of the apartment.

  8. MOVE-IN

Income Requirements:

  • Must have 3 - 4x the monthly Rent in Gross Income, depending on the community.

  • 600 - 750 Credit Score, depending on community.  No credit / short credit history will require a cosigner meeting score and history requirements.

  • 6 - 12 months minimum on the job, depending on the property.  Less time on the job may be acceptable with co-signer & higher deposit.

Disqualifiers to Lease:

  • NO Bankruptcies in the last 5 - 7 years.  Any older bankruptcies must be closed.

  • NO Landlord-Tenant court judgment against you in the last 2 - 7 years, depending on the community.

  • No felony convictions of crimes that are predatory or harmful to others.  Some exceptions may be made for other types of crimes depending on the community.

Required Application Documentation:

  • Provide copy Government Issued ID (front and back)

  • Last 3 most recent PayStubs (complete pay stub)

  • Bank Statements most recent last 2 months (complete bank statement)

  • Tenant Ledger for last 12 months rental payment history

  • Recent utility bill at your current address

Required Other Application Items:

Finalized Lease Items to Complete your move in:

  • Signed Lease Agreement, Standard Terms & Conditions, Rules & Regulations.

  • Signed Pet Addendum if applicable

  • Renters Insurance Policy showing $100,000 in liability coverage to landlord (you can get this policy through the appfolio portal for $12/month, or you can get one from your insurance provider)

  • Utility Activation Confirmation Number from DTE Energy / Consumers

  • Full payment of move in costs in verified funds.  You can pay your move in costs online, through the portal.   However funds must season at least 7 working days prior to taking possession.  

  • Sign up for portal / online payments